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Douglas - Box of Beauty [September]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi guys :)

Cause there aren't enough posts about the new Box of Beauty... so... I write a post, too :P

I get the box once a month and it usually contains five products. As you can see, it contains six products this month- I think this is due to the many complaints about the box of the last month box (or because many subscribers got the file in their Glossybox of August).

Anyway- this are the products :)

  • Manao- Cristal- Quicky nail file
  • Anna Sui - Forbidden Affair (EDT) [4ml] (love the packaging and the bottle <3)
  • Lip Smacker (i got thie strawberry- banana one) [4g - fullsize]
  • Venus - Glycerin Soap [100ml] (well- dont know... I mean.. xD I'll test it^^)
  • Weleda - Sallow Thorn- hand lotion[10ml]
  • Lancome - Aroma Juice (Bodylotion)
Well... this box is way better than the last one. I always using hand lotion so I'll throw it in my bag (so for me its -hopefully- a useful product^^).
I dont need the Lip Smacker and i wont use it- so maybe I'll give it to a friend (the scent is way to sweet).
The smell of the bodylotion is nothing special but it's ok (reminds me of a perfume my Mum uses/used)- very good size for travelling (2-3 days) i think :)

The nail file is the only thing I've used already and I like it :) As promised the nails shine really quickly. But I wont use this file cause I stored it for a giveaway or something else.

If you have questions about one of the products, just ask :)



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