[Haul] Lush- Christmas- Version

Friday, September 30, 2011

  Hi guys :)

Today I am going to do a christmas haul yay :D

I know it's not Christmas or even December but when I saw the video of LushCosmetics on youtube I knew: I have to pick up some things …NOW! :D

So I bought six things yesterday (in their internet shop and yes: GOT IT TODAY!!! Thats what I call fast shipping :D)



Now: Details!!!! :D

Satsumo Santa

HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE :D This is Satsumo Santa (5,45 €) AND I love him <3
Well ok.. I have no bath tub, but the hell :D I had to have him <3

Lush says:
This is a fusion of the British tradition of an orange in the bottom of your Christmas stocking, and the Japanese tradition of splitting a yuzu orange and putting it in your bathwater at Winter Solstice.  
Together they make Satsumo Santa, a fat little fella full of mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower absolute. […]
Glöög, So White

Glögg- Shower gel (6,95 €)

Lush says:
 Our seasonal spicy shower gel, for warming wash times.
Based on the Glogg drink our Swedish colleagues tempt us with when we visit them in the snows.  We wanted to see if we could create the same warming effects in a bath product.
So we took our lovely foaming shower gel base and added a decoction of cinnamon sticks and cloves boiled in water, then added freshly squeezed organic orange and lemon juice, a dash of red wine, and a shot of brandy.
We then finished it off with a blend of wonderful warming essential oils, with a hint of orange and lime, because they capture the summer sun and unleash it in winter for us. The warm spicy smell lingers on the skin, giving you a subtle appeal. […]
Well… there is cinnamon and yes it smells spicy BUT when sniffed the first time… the scent reminds me of something else =D The scent of Calippo Cola Ice o_O Or better the synthetic smell of cola flavour… cola jelly babies.. I dont know if I like it oO

Am I crazy? Or do you also think that this smells like cola and not like mulled wine.

So White -  Bath Bomb (3,95 €)

Lush says: 
A pure white bath of apple temptation.
Our So White bath is the perfect thing for relaxing, long winter baths.  Escape from it all, run yourself the perfect temperature bath then lie back and release one of these orbs into the water. […]
I love it <3 And I think I’ll pick up some backups =D Yes- she still has no bathtub BUT the smell <3 This is a great home fragrance :D I’ll put it in my wardrobe and this will be the best air freshener ever!!!! =D
Australian Igloo, The Melting Snowman

Australian Igloo- Sugar Scrub (4,95 €)

Lush says:
A festive wintery scrub to wake up sluggish skin.
Not everyone would think to try a fusion of the Arctic Circle and Australia – but we think we’ve pulled it off.
This little igloo is made with lots of fine sugar, so you can gently scrub your skin.  But because it’s winter, we’ve included plenty of other things to perk you up and fight the darkness. 
There’s bicarb to soften the water and make you feel smooth.  Then there’s Siberian pine to give a little lift to your heart with its smell, reminiscent of hot sun beaming through pine forests in springtime.  We then travel to the other side of the world with Australian sandalwood and eucalyptus, because they both smell fantastic and are great for balancing the skin.
I really like the smell <3 It smells a lot like eucalyptus and I think this will be great for having a shower in the cold morning. This will wake up even the most tired people in the entire world :D

The following is one of the cutest things Lush has ever made <3

It’s The melting Snowman (3,95 €)!

Lush says:
Exquisitely fragranced with a blend of oils containing vanilla absolute and sweet wild orange, giving him a deep marzipan fragrance with notes of rich fruit, reminiscent of Christmas cake and figgy puddings. Which means he smells exactly the same as our bestselling Snowcake soap.  
But if it isn’t enough to smell of our most popular Christmas fragrance,  he’s also got a body made of water-softening bicarb of soda, cocoa butter and shea butter. This means that when the heat gets to him and he finally melts away, he fizzes those wonderful butters through your bathwater, leaving you soft and moisturised.  What a way to go !
And yes: Our cute little friend smells really sweet and contains vanilla. Actually I don’t like these scents but this is not to much. Cannot describe it. Vanilla is definitly not my favourit scent but in this case it really smells good.

And I had to save him :o

The last thing was a must have:

Chilli Tingle

Its the liptint in Chilli Tingle. I had to have it, because… I mean… Chilli <3 I love everything thats hot :x

Lush says:
Hoja Santa – over here, mate.  Got anything in that sack to moisturise lips and give them a lovely orange red tint?
Chilli Tingle is the answer. Inspired by a trip that Alecommy, our Italian colleague, took to Mexico. We loved the ingredients he brought back so much, we put them all in here. First there was some lovely dried chillies, which we thought would be great for stimulating the lips and waking up the blood supply in winter. Then there’s hoja santa – an aromatic herb known as ‘sacred leaf’. He also brought back annatto seeds, which have such a strong natural red colour in their seeds that the bush is known as the Lipstick Tree.

It smells like hmm… smells like this bars of chocolate with chili :D Unfortunatly the color is way more orange than I thought it would be…
If I'm not careful, I’ll look like I had eaten tomato sauce :> So thats not the color for my skin type…

Chilli Tingle- Swatch

Das könnte euch auch gefallen ;)


  1. Hui schöne Sachen!
    Der Chilli Lipbalm klingt super, trotz Oranger Farbe ;)

  2. Fand ich auch :) :D

    Ja, ich dachte halt, dass er doch mehr ins rote geht ._. Naja :D Das ist halt das Dumme, wenn man nicht in einen Laden kommt... ich dachte auch, dass der Liptint einen Plumping- Effekt hat durch die Schärfe... naja ist nicht so- leider^^

    Heute erst mal Bath and Bodyworks- Kerzen in den USA bestellt :D


  3. Bei dem Lush Christmaszeug werde ich sicherlich auch noch schwach werden ... hach! Werde in den nächsten Tagen mal den Lush Store hier in Köln unsicher machen und an allem schnuppern ...

  4. Haha :D Du bist ja lustig :D Heute gab es wieder ein bissal Sailor Moon :)