[Swatches + First Impression] NYX Lipsticks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hi guys :)

Today I wanna show you some swatches of the three NYX Round Lipsticks I bought recently :)

I picked up the following ones:

  •  Tea Rose

A dusty pink- and well.. really pretty color as well. And... I don't know why the hell I bought this. I mean- yes I have seen the swatches on the internet but maybe i thought the pink would be a bit more dustier (on my lips).. but this reminds me of Barbie -.- :D But it isnt- so well... thats my fault :D

  • B52

How should I describe this color?. This photo didnt pick up the color. Its mauve pink color with brown in it.

The last one is my favourit :)

  • Doll

This is a berry/mauve- pink color which contains red undertones :) I really love this color *.* And Doll really goes well with my skin tone (which is fair to medium). Unlike Tea Rose ^.^ For me the color is also wearable during daytime BUT its definitly eye catching :)
It enhances your lips and is just a very gorgeous color :)

indoor - artificial light
outdoor - sunlight

From left to right: 
Tea Rose

I love them! The pigmentation (full coverage!) and the texture are great (very soft and creamy- Tea Rose is a bit less creamy than the other two shades!)
They are also very moisturizing and smoothing which is great for my lips^^ (cause I hate lipsticks that dries out my lips -.-).

The only negative is the odd smell. But it's not as bad as the smell of the Round Gloss I got with my Douglas- Box (THIS smell is really off putting -.-) and it goes away quickly :)
So all in all I love the NYX l/s and can recommend them to you ;)



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